Quality and historicity are two of the strengths of Raphael, a brand that has its roots back in 1966. It was in that year that Raffaele Pisciotta, first a tailor and then an industrial producer, decided to lay the foundations of the first boutique.

It doesn't take long before the store attracts the attention of consumers, companies and photographers from all over Italy, eager to immortalize the Raphael 1966 windows in memorable shots which, even today, suggest meticulous attention to detail and the display designed following criteria of an aesthetic nature designed specifically to leverage "emotional" factors.


Raphael 1966's journey is unstoppable, expressing passion but above all the desire to never stop thanks to explosive curiosity, which is the real plus.

The search for cutting-edge brands, the continuous scouting of innovative trends all over the world, confirm the strong presence of the brand on international stages day after day. Presence that allows Raphael to boast an always valid, exclusive and updated offer .

Curiosity, innovation, development and reliability over time represent the winning triad, the secret of the success of Raphael 1966 which has established itself beyond national borders with a unique and high quality offer.

The speed and intuition in interpreting the latest trends with taste and originality and in identifying the still unexpressed potential of brands - as a hungry hunter of ideas and novelties wants - do the rest in a constantly growing growth process. The accurate and meticulous selection of the brands to be included in the store does the rest.

There are two sales points in Puglia, precisely in Bari, each of which enjoys a different concept: one satisfies the desires of a classic target deeply linked to tradition; the other, however, travels on the notes of the change of a stylistic universe in continuous and rapid evolution which also sees accessories as a strong point.

Today Raphael 1966 counts - in its extensive brand list - the best names that populate European and overseas showrooms, thanks to the constant and rigorous search for innovation.

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